Send Message in Icinga2 via REST API

I am new to the the Icinga2 world. I am trying to send message into Icinga2 by way of REST API. Is there away or an example of sending message in via POSTMAN that someone as already done?

Is there a complete list of API endpoints for Icinga2 / Director? I see the usage for adding host, but what about adding messages?


what is your definition of messages, what are you trying to achieve?

In the documentation there are example for adding comments and/or acknowledge a problem:

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Thank you for your response. Please excuse me for my use of vocabulary regarding Icinga2, for I am new to the platform. I am more so familiar with HP Openview productions, so I am trying to understand things in a 1:1 relationship.

What I am looking to get clarity on is can I for instance, use something like “Postman,” to create a “POST,” method with a specif payload to post a message or an alarm into Icinga2’s dashboard to where a user can open and read the complete message instance and acknowledge when done as normal. I am looking at an option to use xMatters to push a message/alerts/alarms into Icinga2.

Now, did note the “add-comment,” endpoint which is kinda what I am looking for, but I noticed that this effort is added to a service. One of the difficulties I am facing is that I am trying to evaluate Icinga2 as how to monitor a “Server-less,” infrastructure where there is no place to deploy an agent, or monitor a static IP Address. I just need to present a currently status of an application.

Secondly, is there a complete list of REST API for Icinga Director?


i think what you want is process-check-result or as we also say passive service. With a passive service you can send the check result via api to icinga and set it OK/WARNING/CRITICAL with a check result output (text) that you want to send.

See also external passive check results for more information.


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