Self Signed Cert for agent error

I’m using icinga version: r2.10.3-1. I set up my master machine following the official documentation and everything for my master is working as it should. I have tried to add a client to my setup and I want to do this manually ( not using the node wizard). The commands I am running for this are as follows: icinga2 pki new-cert , icinga2 pki ticket (on master), icinga2 pki save-cert and then finally running the icinga2 node setup. The commands work without any error but when i use the openssl command on the client cert it is self signed and also the logs are giving the error code 18 (self signed cert). I have tried deleting the CA on the master and recreating it using icinga2 pki new-ca but i still get the same error.

Side note: On some posts on issues similar to mine I saw some comments mentioning the Ticketsalt. My ticketsalt in the constants file is left blank. Could this cause the problem? According to the documentation the ticketSalt should be created automatically during the icinga2 node wizard but it was not for me. Should i run my icinga2 node wizard on the master again?