Self-Service-API custom Agent download source / Download from internal webserver


I’m in the process of automating our Windows Monitoring with the Powershell Module and the Self-Service-API. Everything is working great so far, except one thing where I’m stuck on.

I’m trying to install the Agent from an internal webserver where I synced the official stable repo.
In the Director module I did setup the Self-Service-API so that it points to a custom download source like in the screenshot.

I confirmed that the file is present and accessible from the client that the powershell script is run on, I can download it via the browser just fine.

For testing reasons i also tried to install it from a network share or local disk, but to no avail. Running th e PS-Script always wants to download it from the official repo

[Notice]: Downloading "agent" from ""

Changing the versionnumber inside the Self-Service-API does have an effect though, when I change it to a different versionnumber it tries to download the new one.

Besides all of this, if I install the Agent via the official repo it works fine and my client shows up with every check working. It installs the PS-Plugins from my internal repository also, so the only thing I’m missing is the downloading the Agent from my internal webserver. Somehow I cannot figure out how I can debug this, can someone give me a pointer?

Thanks in advance