Scheduled Downtime for Service on Last Sunday of the Month

Hello Community,

im kinda stuck right now, im tryin to configure scheduled Downtimes for Services for example Backups. Those will run on first, second, third or fourth sunday of each month.

is it possible to not use exact dates for those Downtimes?
But something like “4th sunday of march” in the icingaweb configuration for Scheduled downtimes?

  • Icinga Web 2 version 2.9.5

Greeting Dobby


Yes, this is possible. The docs show you some examples: Advanced Topics - Icinga 2

You will need to create a scheduled downtime (via config files or the Director) for this.

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Hello Log1c!

Thank you i was searchin right in that documents. but didnt see the entry for:

“thursday 4 november” = “00:00-24:00” //thanksgiving (4th thursday in november)

Rereading it, fixed my blindness :smiley: