Schedule downtime for services with the same name (on different hosts)

Is it possible to schedule downtime for multiple services on different hosts?

Simply use the service name in the assign where statement.
The docs show an example for a scheduled downtime.

You can use “anything” else (like service vars, host vars,…) in the assign statement as well.

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I was thinking more about a “manual” way from web UI or a API call, rather than reloading configuration.

Ah, ok.
Was mislead by the “schedule” and thought about a Scheduled(recurring) Downtime object and didn’t look at the category you posted in :slight_smile:

But what you want is also possible.
From teh webinterface you can select multiple hosts/services with CTRL+Click or SHIFT+Click and then add a fixed or flexible downtime (non-recurring).

For the API take a look at the docs as well, there is an example for all service with name “ping4”:

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Cool, I didn’t know about the CTRL+click feature :slightly_smiling_face:

Although in my case clicking on about 100 services isn’t much fun. I’ll try to declare a dependency and then schedule a downtime for a single host.