Schedule downtime - all services switch

Hi guys,

is it possible to set the “all services” switch to active by default?
In which case do you set a downtime for a host and expect that all services running? :face_with_monocle:


Because I was looking for the same some weeks ago. Look at here


Awesome! Thank you very much! :star_struck:

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I would like to set this button by default. Our staff forgets to set this all the time…

Hi @Florian.K

there’s an option for Icinga Web (within the monitoring module) to change the default behaviour. Have a look at the hostdowntime_all_services option in /etc/icingaweb2/modules/monitoring/config.ini

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Perfect. Thanks for your quick reply. That solved it.

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@bsheqa Because within one week there was the same questions twice (Schedule downtime - all services switch) I have two questions:

  • Should the thread merged for a better overview?
  • Because weeks ago I did a feature request ( for this, Because neither my colleague nor I knew this option from our trainings, meetups, the Icinga book etc. It seems that this option isn’t good communicated or clear to everybody. It is also apparently easily overlooked in the documentaries. Should there be a change for this? Like it should activated by default or it should be better communicated. Not that someone will ask for it again in 1-2 weeks
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Just as a little FYI, I have merged two topics together here, for better overview, as they were about the same issue :slight_smile:
(thanks @stevie-sy for pointing that out)

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You’re welcome :wink: - it’s for a better overview, if someone is looking again for this.
But this doesn’t change the situation, that 3 people was asking/thinking about the same in few weeks :wink:
It should also be a little hint that you should possibly change something :wink:

Yes, absolutely!
I am putting it up for discussion right now!

I do low-key agree with Michaels comment in the github issue though, that the documentation is the central collection of everything the trainings can’t cover.
Then again, it’s obvious that this is important enough to be included in the training / book.

We’re trying to find a good solution that solves the issue! :sweat_smile:

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I understand that. Would you have found it if the options would be visible in the web configuration of the monitoring module? Making those options visible in the UI could help maybe


@theFeu @bsheqa
I’m sure you will find together a good solution for everybody :slight_smile:

About your suggestion @bsheqa: I think this would be a good idea, if everybody could find an option menue for this. Then it would be easier to come accross with it. Because you see there exist an switch for these options.

We intentionally don’t provide an option in the UI to change this. We try to avoid configuration options by using reasonable defaults ever since. Especially if it’s about such very specific adjustments. (Whether a checkbox is checked by default or not)

These are to be changed manually in the configuration files. That’s a barrier anyone wanting to adjust this has to overcome. It also shouldn’t be widely used. Such adjustments shouldn’t be made because it’s possible. They should rather be made because they’re required.


Thanks for the answer. Since Michael pointed us out of this option, we know it. Even though we have already done a few training sessions in your company.
But it’s like I wrote before: It should just be hint, that there is something not ok or it’s not going as it should, if people asking the same thing in short time. That’s all. :wink:
I’m sure you’ll find a good solution that people know/find these option easier and don’t ask this (or similar options from the config file) in short time again and again and again. Just my two cents … :slight_smile: