Satellite zone in HA


Let say we have a zone named “satellite” with 2 endpoints. We understand that all check in this zone will be check from both endpoint, how can we force some host to be check only from 1 of the endpoint?

Those 2 endpoints are in 2 different location and we would like that all other hosts/services in both location will get check only from the “local” endpoint…

That’s not possible. As soon as you have two satellites in a zone, both do the checks. That’s why it is HA-Failover. If you want to separate the check sources, just create two zones with one satellite. Then you can decide, which host is checked by which endpoint/zone.

If this is still merged in the director Allow user to specify command_endpoint · Issue #808 · Icinga/icingaweb2-module-director · GitHub, maybe this could be a solution.

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that’s works! BUT
Having a command_endpoint to a host doesn’t send it to all service, we will need to modify our apply service to add this!