Satellite with two separated masters

Hello. Can satelitte work with two separate masters?

A Satellite should get tasks from two separate Icinga2 masters.
When I configure:
icinga2 node wizard
there is only 1 value for pki ticket, that’s why only one master will be connected to a satellite.

As far as I know you can only have 2 masters if both are in the same zone (HA setup).

Yes, a satellite works with two “separate” masters as long these masters are in the same zone, as mentioned by rivad

If you run the wizard, you create certificates for your CA and later this CA signs your icinga masternode certificates and all of the agent certs.

By default you only have one certificate authority able node but you can copy the ca files from the ca node to the second node in order to have a second master that is able to sign agent certs.

you can specify multiple master nodes to connect to, or change the zones.conf later on.

please post the commands you have already tried, so it is easier for others to help you.

I used two approaches.
1 approach) icinga2 node wizard
Where I wrote two masters, but ticket salt was created only for one master. After that satelitte worked only with one master, where ticket was created.

2 approach) icinga2 node wizard
This time I set two masters without tickets, but wizzard connected only to one master, after that on master host I had approved connection from satelitte via command
cinga2 ca sign 71700c28445109416dd7102038962ac3fd421f

After that my satellite worked with this master, but on second master I didn’t seen any sign from the satellite, used this command
icinga2 ca list

I’ll think about how to copy ca certs from satellite to the second master and maybe it will start work.

On the satelitte I have these files, which files I should copy and where on the master side?
-rw-r–r-- 1 5665 5665 1720 dec 13 16:04 ca.crt
-rw-r–r-- 1 5665 5665 1720 dec 12 13:17 ca.crt.orig
-rw-r–r-- 1 5665 5665 1801 dec 13 16:04 satellite-separated-1.crt
-rw-r–r-- 1 5665 5665 1830 dec 12 10:58 satellite-separated-1.crt.orig
-rw------- 1 5665 5665 3243 dec 13 15:51 satellite-separated-1.key
-rw------- 1 5665 5665 3243 dec 12 13:16 satellite-separated-1.key.orig

Thank you.