Satellite with separate database and satellite specific (read-only) web interface


At work we have a setup per customer, consisting of multiple servers which should be monitored using a satellite. All Satellites should connect to a central master where sysadmins can monitor all customers.

Is it possible to run a server as a satellite too? Or can a satellite write all data to a database of its own? For one of our customers we would need to give them local access (in their customer setup), with a separate web interface on top of a separate database. At the same time all data still needs to be forwarded to the central server since sysadmins will still need to be able to monitor everything centrally.

Requirements stipulate that it cannot be with the same database or via database replication: customer X should be able to work on a database with only data of customer X, customer Y only with a database containing data of customer Y and sysadmins should have a database with data of both X and Y.

Satellite web interfaces can be read-only, all configuration will happen centrally.

Currently running zabbix, but considering icinga, if this problem can be solved, it would be a major advantage.

You can even have a fully working satellite (which I’ve described here).


Thank you very much, that sounds like what I need. I’ll investigate in more detail :slight_smile: