Satellite network service checks

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We have icinga2 master/satellite configuration, created with director into different network segments.
Satellites running per zones with endpoint. All directs service checks on satellite host, running fine with icinga2-agent btw. load service check on satellite host. All hostalive checks (ping) in satellite network are implements with endpoints and running fine from satellite host.

We have created many director config possibilities. Either all services configs running from master host or service checks into endless pending state by zones configurations.

What is the correct director way when we will implements service checks into satellite network from satellite host to btw. network switches in satellite network?

If I understand you correctly, I had the exact same problem and this post solved it for me Howto tell the Director to use a specific host for expensive checks? - #7 by log1c.

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You create one host object per network switch in the satellite zone and assign service checks to those host objects.

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Its possible direct from satellite host?

Direct what? Check execution? Yes, as I’ve described the steps. Creating host objects? No, this needs to be done at your master, more precisely in icinga’s director.

It is clear that new hosts in sat.-net must be created in the director.
I meant, can the checks also be carried out directly by the satellite host without a new host in the sat.-net?

What’s wrong with adding host objects?