Satellite Health Check?


Is there a way or an ITL plugin available to setup a health check for Satellite beside the “cluster-zone” ?

I would like to setup the Icinga2 daemon health-check for that matter on every cluster node.

I’m also looking for the performance metrics off Satellite nodes to monitor them in Grafana.

Please advise.



i use the icinga check on every satelite.




we use also the icinga-check as @anon66228339 mentioned. You could also use a cluster check like cluster and cluster-zone to know if the satellite is connected with the master and vica versa.

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All of the mentioned checks provides performance data as well.

Thank you @anon66228339 ! Somehow I missed the “icinga” check and I’ve had other two tests setup already.

Is there any health check command available for Icingaweb2 ? How do you guys monitor the health of Icingaweb2?


We don’t monitor icingaweb2. Here is the best monitor ourselfs while using. If something don’t work we’ll see it :wink:

Because it’s only a website you can monitor

  • your webserver (apache, nginx …)
  • the http(s) ports
  • php
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Hi everyone,

I hope you are all fit and well.

Can someone help me to run the icinga check. I went here: icinga but no information on how to run the check.
I am logged in to a satellite server and want to run a few checks to see if master/satellite is set up correctly as I have a Master => Satellite in Top Down configuration by following the docs here: Top Down

What can I run on the command line of a Master/Satellite to confirm I have configured the Satellite correctly?

Thanks in advance

Hi Pete,

icinga is a built-in command. It is not intended to be executed via cli but as a service.

BTW: It’s not a good idea to reuse a thread, especially when it is marked as solved.

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