Satellite Check results updates


Recently IDO/MySQL DB host had some issue and Icinga2/Icingaweb2 were not able to access it. Satellites were working normal during the outage.

When the DB came back up, I could see many queries were ran. Does it mean the satellite check results were applied?


do you have any state_changes in you ido for the outtage?

SELECT * FROM `icinga_statehistory` where `state_time` > '2023-12-12 00:00:00' AND `state_time` < "2024-12-12 00:00:00"

I would also analyze this query by check_source

This also only works if there was a statechange in that time interval but in a larger environment thats more likely

That depends on log_duration of your Endpoint objects. By default it is 1 day.