Satellite and Icinga Master

Hello Community

Since I started using more and more satellites I am facing a problem right now and I think my icinga set up seems to be wrong. Maybe one of you could help me.

My set up so far:
I have one Master (Icinga Prod) and 3 satellites (s1,s2,s3) the satellites are checking different hosts in different networks. That means the Master is not able to check them because they are not in the same network like the master.
Lets use the uptime check as an example. I check a few hosts from my master which works fine. And then I tried to check some hosts which are only reachable by the satellites - that means the uptime check I wrote on icinga master stays in state pending. Now I write a new uptime check on each satellite uptime_s1 , uptime_s2 and uptime_s3. Which is working fine. But is there any solution that i dont have to implement new uptime checks for every satellite? Because I will end up adding more and more satellites and multiple duplicated checks not only uptime . Maybe my set is wrong.
Thank you in advance

Hello @PiMA :wave:,

I’m not really sure, but it sounds like your setups are all correct. According to your description, the hosts you want to check are not reachable from the master, i.e. the master does not know that the hosts even exist. If this is the case, you will have to configure the same configs from the master to the satellites. Here is a blog post about it, which describes the problem in more detail and how to solve it.