Sar-perf usage

Hi Team,

I am usiing plugin sar-perf inside the agent in my test env
as per the doc below

when i run this on agent i am getting the output

but from icinga-web i am getting the traceback error

sar_perf_profile is

Please advise

Thanks in advance

You run it manually as user root but icinga is executing the plugin as icinga/nagios (depending on your distribution). This may produce different results as you may have different environments and/or access rights. Therefore, it is always recommended to run manually tests as the icinga user.


As earlier stated it might be a permission issues . since it is a python script check if the module dependency are there and as well check the index in the code .

Due to size is not fixed, the available index is greater than the assigned index for a list(available index > assigned index).If you try to access the empty or None element by pointing available index of list, Then you will get the List index out of range error