Run thola check on satellite node


i have a distributed monitoring system and i use Icinga Director for configuration system.
Icinga Director configurate master and remote host.
On master host for network monitoring i use Thola.

I wont use it on satelline server.
Server check use run on satellite zone, but on network devices i cant install agent.
i not undestend how to run thola check on satellite icinga?

i try add network host to satellite zone, but is not work. Check start from master host/

Please can you:

a) show us the relevant parts of your configuration (for example, the definition
of the “network host” and its associated zone, plus the same thing for the

b) explain in more detail what is not working - do you get error messages in
Icinga’s log file? What is the output of “icinga2 daemon -C”?


Hi Antony

network dev config
object Host "002" { display_name = "Роутер во внешние сети" address = "x.x.2.254" check_command = "ping4" max_check_attempts = "5" check_interval = 1m retry_interval = 30s enable_flapping = false volatile = false zone = "unigrain" }

object Zone “unigrain” {
parent = “master”

object Endpoint “ug-monitor01” {
host = “x.x.2.12”

but in icinga director not display zone
in GUI i rut correct name