Run check_nrpe Plugin on Windows Server

Hi all
We run a icinga Server Instance and monitor arround 120 Servers with check_nrpe. So far we are really happy, everything works smooth!
Now: We habe Veeam to Backup all the Servers. Veeam shipps a nice feature so called “sure Backup” which gives you the possibility, to start the Backedup VMs in a VMware isolated network, to check if the VM should bootup and responds to ICMP. The Booted VMs are reachable thru a Proxy VM which makes a 1:1 NAT inside the isolated Network. So far, nice thing!
Veeam gives you the possibility, to run .bat and .ps scripts as well to run checks inside the OS with SSH for example.

Now, my idea:
instead of logging in via SSH (ans store crendentials, and so on…) i would like to test the VMs via the NRPE TCP socket 5666.
is there a possibility, to run the check_nrpe Plugin directly on the Veeam Windows Server? Just to gather monitoring return codes like icinga does?

… Or am i leaved from all good gosts?

Thank you very much for your input?
Cheers A