Rule based notification

Hey guys,

in my environment I have several servers in different host groups. All Servers in one Hostgroup do the same and can backup each other. If one server of a hostgroup isn’t availabe anymore, I really don’t care that much as in: I don’t need to be notified on my pager. Especially when the error occured at nighttime. When there is one server down, there is enough backup-power to bring that server alive again during the folowing working day.
However, if the second (third, fourth, …) Server goes down, there could be a Problem of higher severity and in that case I want to be notified indeed. The Same thing can be thought for services as well, of course.

Summary to make it clearer:
My Hostgroup:
-> Server A, Server B, Server C

Server A online, Server B offline, Server C online: No Notification
Server A offline, Server B offline, Server C online: Notify

Would that be possible with the current Icinga-Version? What I’m thinking of is a possibility of setting up rules for notifications or something like that…

What you need is notification based on Business process

Thank you - that looks very promising and I’m already checking out the module.
One question: Do I have to change anything conceirning my notification settings? My understanding is, that the business-process “weighs” more than the rest of my configuration and therefore only triggers notifications when -say- two or more hosts of a business-process-node are down. is that correct?

Business processes are modeled on top of hosts and services. They allow simulation and a better view onto your monitoring.

In case you want notifications, you’ll have to create additional host/service and notification objects. Depending on your needs, you may remove the existing notifications and only notify based on a BP logic.


ok, thank you all so far.

how exactly differs the notification-configuration based on business-process to the standard-configuration of notifications based on hosts and services?

edit: nevermind - i found the blogpost from mspiller explaining a way to do it :slight_smile:

There’s no difference, notifications apply to host/service objects. Either they are the real services being checked, or you’ll have a bp-host and bp-services. There’s an example inside the Vagrant boxes too.

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That is awesome! Thanks for the help everyone!