Restart-IcingaForWindows not work


Restart-IcingaForWindows doesn’t work because the host process for winrm plugins cannot be ended.


Thank you for your message. Is the server installed on the machine?

Get-Service icingapowershell;

In case it does, can you please share the following outout:

(Get-IcingaServices 'icingapowershell').icingapowershell | ConvertTo-Json;

Hello @cstein

that is the output

PS C:\Users\user> Get-Service icingapowershell;

Status   Name               DisplayName
------   ----               -----------
Running  icingapowershell   Icinga PowerShell Service

PS C:\Users\user> (Get-IcingaServices 'icingapowershell').icingapowershell | ConvertTo-Json;
    "metadata":  {
                     "ServiceHandle":  null,
                     "DisplayName":  "Icinga PowerShell Service",
                     "Depends":  null,
                     "ServiceName":  "icingapowershell",
                     "Container":  null,
                     "Site":  null,
                     "Dependent":  null
    "configuration":  {
                          "CanPauseAndContinue":  true,
                          "CanStop":  true,
                          "ServiceUser":  "serviceuser@domain",
                          "ServiceType":  {
                                              "value":  16,
                                              "raw":  16
                          "StartType":  {
                                            "value":  "Automatic",
                                            "raw":  2
                          "ServicePath":  "\"C:\\Program Files\\icinga-framework-service\\icinga-service.exe\" \"C:\\Program Files\\WindowsPowerShell\\Modules\\icinga-powershell-framework\\icinga-powershell-framework.psd1\"",
                          "CanShutdown":  true,
                          "ServiceHandle":  null,
                          "Status":  {
                                         "value":  4,
                                         "raw":  4
                          "ExitCode":  0