REST services and downtime_depth


I query the rest-api for all services with service.state != ServiceOK (/v1/objects/services), but downtime_depth is only set for services which are explicitly in downtime, if I have a host in icinga which is in downtime and ‘all services’ is checked for that downtime, the host is in downtime but the downtime_depth on all services for that host is still 0?

Im looking for an easy way to get all not-ok-services that are not acknowledged or in downtime and some other criteria which I already covered, but I keep getting those services which are in downtime by inheritance from the host as not-in-downtime.

Thanks for your time, cheers


  • Version used (2.13.1-1)
  • Operating System (centos7)
  • Enabled features (api checker command graphite ido-mysql mainlog notification syslog)
  • Icinga Web 2 version and modules (2.9.3)

Hmm… service.state != ServiceOK && !(service.acknowledgement || service.downtime_depth || ?


much appreciated, your filter works for me and I also added, because I have the same issue for that too, host ist acknowledged, therefore all services are handled, but the service json reads acknowledgement = 0

anyway, thanks again, the filter is good enough for my case and therefore I wish you a great weekend, cheers!

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