Repository for SLES 12.0?

Hi there,
anybody here who can tell me if there is also a repository for SLES 12.0 for Icinga2 or if I can use another one from I would need it as Icinga2-Agent…
Thanks! Alicia


SuSE has specific lifecycle support in their service packs. The .0 version is already EOL.

Service Pack Release	        FCS Date	General Ends	LTSS Ends
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12	27 Oct 2014	30 June 2016	01 July 2019

Also, later service packs are out of support already. Current Icinga releases and the future 2.11 target SLES 12 SP4 only.


Thanks Michael for the fast reply :slight_smile:

So, there is no further possibility to monitor them by a agent?


I’d say there are two options:

  • Either you rebuild the source rpm for SLES 12 SP4 on 12.0 and create your own binary packages. This will be problematic with 2.11 where you’ll also need to provide uptodate Boost packages. It may be an option to contact an Icinga partner to do that for you.
  • Or easier, use a different agent approach such as SSH.

I’ve updated the docs for agent based monitoring for 2.11 yesterday, you might have a look at the SSH section.


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