Reporting Module not sending mail

Hello Icinga Community,
I hope you all are well. I have configured the reporting module and all looks to be working well except the ‘send’ option. I click on the ‘send’ link to send the report by email but I never receive a email. Is there some logs for the reporting module I could review for errors on this problem? The normal Icinga problem alert emails are sent to my company SMTP server. I’m guessing I need to setup the reporting module emails the same way. How can I add SMTP server setting to the reporting module?

Thanks in advance for your help.


the reporting module shouldn’t require any specific settings for email transmission, as it uses PHP’s mail functionality. Have you tried configuring PHP mail?

Hello Johannes,
Thanks for the reply, No, I have not configured PHP mail that I know of. PHP is installed with the default setting. How can I configure PHP mail? I did not see a requirement for this in the Reporting Module installation directions.


In php.ini. The settings are described in the PHP manual.

That’s not covered unfortunately.