Reporting doesn't work

Hello everybody,

We have installed the reporting module and the corresponding requirements:

Icinga Web
MySQL / MariaDB or PostgreSQL
Icinga Web 2 modules

The icinga-reporting.service is running.

Icinga shows 100 percent availability. But that can’t be true.

Can someone help here?

Hello @tom2 ,
could you elaborate what exactly is not working? What would you expect to happen?

The reports are not at working. It shows that every host is 100 % available.
Some hosts are down and still 100 % availability is shown.
I want that the reports shows the downtimes.

I am not a expert with reports.
Could you please tell me which informations I can provide to find a solution for the problem?

Ok, to be clear: With you Reporting, you mean the export of Data (PDFs?)?
Could you tell us the verions of your icingaweb2-modules?

Hello Lorenz,

the report is already in the Icinga wrong and also in the export (PDF, …)

My college created a bug report for this issue:

I moved your post over to the modules category as it seemed more fitting :slight_smile: