Repeat Notification based on check result output

Running Icinga 2.7.4. I have a service that gets checked every 30 minutes and the notification occurs once every 24 hours. But, I would like the notification to occur every time the last check result output changes. Is that possible? Hope that made sense.

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Can you please share your configuration files for this service and notification? The default configuration should send a notification out every time the state is changed.


Thank you for your response. I am getting a notification whenever the state changes however if the state is Warning and stays in that state for X hours I do not get additional notifications. But during those X hours the output of the service check (command) can change and it’s those changes in the output that I’d like to have trigger additional notifications.

For example if the check command returns 1 (problem) it can have stdout describing an issue. It’s when the issue description changes that I’d like to have additional notifications.

I suppose another way to look at this is to have the notification get created every 1 hour instead of once every 24 but to suppress the notification if the stdout of the check hasn’t changed?

Here’s the configuration of the service and notification…
apply Notification “Notification HTML - Support” to Service {
import “mail-service-notification-html”
user_groups = [ “Support” ]
assign where “Support” in service.vars.notificationgroup

apply Service “Queues” to Host {
import “generic-service”
check_command = “check_queues”
vars.notificationgroup = [ “Admins” ]
assign where “relay” in host.groups
check_interval = 30m

You will need to modify the threshold of the ‘check_queues’ check command to receive a new notification when the output changes.

What is your notification interval set to? It is in the ‘mail-service-nofication-html’ conf file. You did not share this file. You can change the interval to a time frame of 10m and you will receive an notification every 10 minutes.

No, that’s not supported.