Remove LDAP authentication?

Hello all,

i have been using icinga2web with the director for a few years now. my authentication has also been running via ldap since then. this has never caused any problems but now the time is coming when i have to dispose of the local AD.
unfortunately i have no idea how to change my authentication to local now. the internet is not really helpful either.

for testing i created a htaccess user and removed the ldap entry in the authentication.ini. then nothing worked and the page was full of errors. :smiley:
so i have undone everything.
then i tried to create a user in the icingaweb2 DB. but the DB is completely empty.

in icinga itself i have tried to create a user. but that does not work at all, because i do not have the option. after all i have connected it to ldap :wink:

does anyone have a tip or idea how i could implement this?

  • make a backup of /etc/icingaweb2 first

  • check if there is a “Database” backend

https://your.icinga.local/icingaweb2/config/userbackend → create one

  • check if there is a role with full admin access / create new role


  • create a local user and add it to the role


  • login with the new user
  • check permission
  • You can remove the ldap backend here:


That Worked! Thank you so much!
my problem was that the DB did not have the tables for the users. Therefore, the option was not even displayed to me.
After importing the SQL schema from /usr/share/icinga2-ido-mysql/schema/mysql.sql everything worked fine!

that is the wrong schema for icingaweb2
the right one for icingaweb2 is: