Remove critical alert for google update services


we have a lot of windows servers that are monitored with Icinga. We get alarms for disk, mem, and services etc.

We have a problem with google update services reported as critical alarm in Icinga. They are set as automated start in services.msc and we remove the alarm if we change the services to manual start instead. However they are being automated again after updates I guess or restart of the servers.

So one solution would be to uninstall chrome browser from the servers - but that is not really fixing the issue rather just removing the cause for it.

We can also better remove the services as described here: How get rid of the Google Updater? Solved - Windows 7 Forums (

But is it any way to somehow let Icinga accept google update services so we can have the services as automatic startup and not risk having to manually update chrome and other google software on the servers?

I attached the critical alarm from Icinga for reference.

Best regards, Pallax

The icinga powershell plugin Invoke-IcingaCheckService has the option -Exclude to exclude services.

but that screenshot looks super old, are you using icinga1?

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Hi, many thanks for the link and help! :slight_smile:

Yes I think this is icinga1. (I am fairly new on this company and new to this type of work)

I will try that exclude command. To exclude, would I write the service name as presented in services.msc or the .exe file that runs for that service?

I think it‘s the official service name, not the language dependent display name