Remote Icinga instance '$ubuntu-server-to-monitor' is not connected to '$icinga-server'

So I just got icinga2 setup with director, my local icinga host server check works, i tried setting up some checks in a service template and host template for testing on an ubuntu server - and here’s what im seeing

debug log shows:

[2022-06-09 09:26:01 -0700] debug/IdoMysqlConnection: Query: COMMIT
[2022-06-09 09:26:01 -0700] debug/IdoMysqlConnection: Query: BEGIN
[2022-06-09 09:26:01 -0700] information/IcingaDB: Trying to connect to Redis server (async) on host '’
[2022-06-09 09:26:01 -0700] critical/IcingaDB: Cannot connect to Connection refused

^ not sure where that’s coming from or how important that is

the issue i think that’s causing my problem is this:

**[2022-06-09 09:26:10 -0700] notice/JsonRpcConnection: Received ‘icinga::Hello’ message from identity ‘$icinga-server’.
[2022-06-09 09:26:10 -0700] debug/JsonRpcConnection: Error while reading JSON-RPC message for identity ‘$icinga-server’: Error: Operation canceled

it’s very possible i dont have my endpoint configuration setup right on the server to monitor -

please advise - thank you

ok i did some more reading and found the node wizard - i ran that on the master (only 1 icinga2 server) and then ran it on my server to monitor -

waiting to see how that goes

ok good news - i got this situated MOSTLY - my checks are now working i think the part i was missing was the node wizard on master and the host. also I think at some point I had installed more of the icinga2 software on this ubuntu server, so i removed/purged everything and then just did apt-get install icinga2 -y and was able to then do the node /agent setup w/o issues

the only thing I’m seeing now, is that it says is not in
execvpe(/usr/lib/nagios/plugins/ failed: No such file or directory

on the server with the agent i have the following installed what am i missing that has ?

dpkg -l |grep plugins|grep nagios

ii monitoring-plugins 2.3.1-1ubuntu4 all Plugins for nagios compatible monitoring systems (metapackage)
ii monitoring-plugins-basic 2.3.1-1ubuntu4 amd64 Plugins for nagios compatible monitoring systems (basic)
ii monitoring-plugins-common 2.3.1-1ubuntu4 amd64 Common files for plugins for nagios compatible monitoring
ii monitoring-plugins-contrib 37.20211217ubuntu1 amd64 Plugins for nagios compatible monitoring systems
ii monitoring-plugins-standard 2.3.1-1ubuntu4 amd64 Plugins for nagios compatible monitoring systems (standard)
ii nagios-plugins-contrib 37.20211217ubuntu1 amd64 Transitional package for monitoring-plugins-contrib