Reinstalling the Icinga2 Client On Ubuntu 18.04

Initially, I was able to install Icinga2 on the client, but I was running into issues where it was unable to connect to the master host during the node wizard setup, so I decided to uninstall Icinga2 with the command below and removed all of the folders and the nagios user:

sudo apt remove icinga2 && apt autoremove

After a reboot, I attempted to install Icinga2 again, but I found that it was unable to create the nagios user and group and all of the other general folders were not installed i.e.:


How do I reinstall Icinga2 onto the client host with all of the common folders and nagios user and group? I’ve also tried apt install -f icinga2, but that didn’t work.


so you’re saying that you’ve manually purged the user and paths after running the apt removal commands? The package manager doesn’t know about this so it would likely not attempt to “re-do” the action upon package install.

Can you share the exact steps you’re performing now on installation, including the verbose output of possible errors and log entries in /var/log/syslog?


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That’s correct.

It looks like I solve this issue. It turns out I had to also run the command apt purge icinga2-common to tell the package manager to remove all of the main directories of Icinga2, then running apt install icinga2 allowed the package manager to install all of the packages including icinga2-common