Recurring Downtime (Global & Local)


We have setup a recurring global downtime Window using director and Added it in each of the service template.
Basically from 7pm saturday to 5 am sunday

Also in the notification template where email is sent out for specific Windows type Services and host this is added to not to send out any emails

Now the requirement is over and above this we need to have individual server to be under downtime recurring for specific Server and All its corresponding services.

Is there a override kind of option where we can use the field Time-Period as array and can add more recurring window?

I am using director
I have seen the link
How to do this in director also over and above the current global downtime


what you did with your above config is that you limit the check execution (or notification sending) of the host/service to the given times of the time period object.
This is not a downtime, as I suspect you know.

If I understand correctly you now want to execute checks and send notifications 24/7 in general and just put some host/services into a downtime when necessary (this “normal” procedure).

I would recommend changing the time period of your services/hosts/notifications to 24/7 and then configure scheduled downtimes with the Icinga Director.

With the current version of the Director you can find it here: https://yourmonitoringhosthere/icingaweb2/director/scheduled-downtimes/applyrules#!/icingaweb2/director/scheduled-downtime/add?type=apply

There you can create scheduled downtimes for single services/hosts or whole groups, describe why they are in place and then configure the time when the downtime should be active.

You are just amazing :slight_smile:
In the range -> if I want to put the downtime from saturday 7pm to sunday 6am
Do I write
saturday 19:00 - 24:00
sunday 00:00 - 06:00

Or is there a better way of doing it

But this is wrong

apply ScheduledDowntime "xxxx-Global-Downtime-Window" to Host {
    author = "xxxxx"
    comment = "Global Downtime for Windows"
    fixed = true
    assign where "xxxx_Windows_All" in host.groups
    ranges = {
        "saturday"	= "18:59-00:00"
        "sunday"	= "00:00-05:00"
apply ScheduledDowntime "Global-Downtime-Window" to Service {
    author = "xxxx"
    comment = "Global Downtime for Windows"
    fixed = true
    **assign where "xxxx_Windows_All" in host.groups**
    ranges = {
        "saturday"	= "18:59-00:00"
        "sunday"	= "00:00-05:00"

This service is assigned to hostgroup? It looks incorrect. does it mean all service under that host-group servers will be under downtime - i guess that is the intention definitely

Saturday 19:00-06:00 should work if you got at least v2.11 of Icinga 2.

Yes, this way all services of hosts belonging to that host group will receive the downtime.

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