Receiving and forwarding of check results

Hi there,

we run a multiple satellite setup within our infrastructure. Due to network limitations and for security reasons we deployed the master in a DMZ, talking just to one satellite nearby. As we now placed a 2nd satellite on a remote network, we get the behaviour I tried to show you on the graphic.

Behaviour in words:

  1. Initiating checks from SAT1 to SAT2 and its attached infrastructure - the checks are performed and the results are sent to SAT1 and from there to the master

  2. Self-Checks on SAT2 are performed and sent back to SAT1 and the master

  3. Certificate requests from SAT2 and the attached infrastructure are transmitted to the master via SAT1 and get back the way smoothly

  4. Checks initiated by the master are performed on SAT2 and the attached infrastructure, the results are sent to SAT1 and NOT sent to the master - or not processed there

SAT2 cannot communicate with the master directly, all communication needs to be handled by SAT1.

Any help or even ideas what to examin is appreciated. We run out of ideas a time ago already and reinstalled SAT2 already, having the same result.

Thank you
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Hello Andreas and Welcome

What you are trying to do is a 4 tier configuration, but the Icinga stack is geared toward a 3 tier.
Master -> Satellite -> remote host.

Can you share the Zones.conf for all there nodes ?


You can also put a zone into a zone. So you can have as many tiers as you want (but be aware that it make things mor complicated)