Received configuration updates do not qualify for production, not triggering reload

Hi there,

does anybody know what cuases that line in the debug log on my second master? Checking with daemon -C doesn’t show any failure.

Deploying a new configuration using the director is no problem.

Best regards, Alicia

Hi @PinkFrog,

this is a very misleading message and actually doesn’t mean that something went wrong. It basically just tells you that everything is up to date and nothing changed. This message will be “fixed” with Icinga 2.12.



thanks for the fast reply.

It also doesn’t mean, that there is a ‘(2)’ behind updates?

The full log entry is the following:

information/ApiListener: Received configuration updates (2) from endpoint 'master1' do not qualify for production, not triggering reload.


Hi @PinkFrog,

that count is just the amount of zones that the config update contains. Your log message tells you that your first master tries to sync the config of 2 zones, but your second master is already up to date, so it doesn’t reload.


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Thank you very much for your help :slight_smile: