Realtime Monitoring For Server & Services

We would like to know whether icinga2 is able to do realtime or near to realtime monitoring for services or servers?

We are looking to implement the Icinga monitoring system for one of the financial institutions which require realtime or near to realtime monitoring.

Hi & welcome,

Icinga does only trigger checks periodically and the default is every 5min. Of course this check interval could be reduced down to seconds, but I’d assume this would cause too many load. For realtime monitoring I’d prefer to go with Elastic Stack (formerly known as ELK) having Beats installed on every target system.

Hi Roland,

I was thinking in same direction but in that case our monitoring team has to monitor 2 systems, Icinga for normal monitoring and ELK for some services which require realtime monitoring.

Do you have any suggestion or any way to have one dashboard or system which solve both the purpose?

You can bring Icinga2 and Elastic Stack together in several ways. In general, you have to deal with several packages anyway as e.g. Icinga2 connects to IcingaDB/MySQL/PostgreSQL and InfluxDB/Graphite/perfdata.