Questions around writing a plugin

I am trying to get this plugin working with Icinga2/Director and I’m running into some difficulty. I posted for help in the Director forum trying to get it to work.

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Teams Plugin

My question is, if I were to try and write my own plugin to send notifications to MS Teams, what would the high level process look like? I’m trying to map it all out and see if I can digest it/code it in chunks.

Would it be something like this?

create variables for arguments to be stored in for things like $$ etc… and have the plugin accept strings for these arguments, then those variables would populate some sort of message that could then be used to make some sort of POST http request to the webhook?

I’m not a developer but I’m willing to give it a shot (I dabble a tiny bit in Go as a hobby)

what you described would be basically it.
you can find examples in the documentation.

Thanks Kevin. I reached out to some people for help with this from a coding standpoint and I received some great feedback and examples… I’m just trying to sneek it in to my busy days at the moment and see if I can make it work. One person was gracious enough to basically port the python example to golang! Such a great community.


Hi @csmall,

last days were quite busy and I missed your most recent updates. It won’t change soon but I’m happy to help if you share code snippets and have concrete issues.

Will re-create my dev environment with the director next week.