Questions about my setup

New install, centos 7.9, single master, no satellites(yet), getting it setup as a poc. Everything seems to be working fine, got Director installed and working.
Two questions:

  1. how do I setup the master server to be monitored from icinga2 as a client? The icinga2 node wizard sets it up as a master server.
  2. when creating my base plugins(checks), not all the directories/files are in there, although it is listed under director under external commands, some work, some error saying dir/files do not exist.
    Base checks:
    cpu, (load)
    disk usage —> disk → files not found
    fstab mounts
    memory percent → mem —> files not found
    network interfaces
    couple of processes(sshd, httpd, a few others)
    uptime(not really necessary)
    multipaths(existing nagios perl script, works really well)

Is there some documentation I can look at?

I moved your questions out of the AMA thread as it doesn’t belong there (It’s both closed already and about more general Icinga questions than yours) :slight_smile:

Thanks, was not sure where to post it.

For your missing plugins, what directories/files are “missing” according to the external command definition? The files (and directories) need to be present to avoid this. Sometimes you just need to move from one location to the other (such as with the mail notification command, which exists in /etc/icinga2/scripts).

This doesn’t make any sense to me. Can you elaborate on what you want to do?

Did you install the nagios-plugins packages? They provide most of the check scripts that are generally used.
The script for the mem command is and can be found here

Just put it under /usr/lib64/nagios/plugins

Docs about the checks of the Icinga Template Library: Icinga Template Library - Icinga 2

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Thanks, that is what I ended up doing.