[Question & Request] Deployment of custom plugins through the top down sync method


we are using many self writen plugings in our environment. There is one big Problem for us namely the deployment of these plugins,
because we are using the top down config sync method. We need to transfer the plugins manually on ours servers.

I found a small workaround, but it isnt working as intended.

I did the following:

Transfered all the custom plugins into the global-templates folder

edited in the commands.conf following variables

command = [ PluginDir + “/customplugin” ]


command = [ “var/lib/icinga2/api/zones/global-templates/check_show_linux_essentials.sh” ]

And Voila the Scripts were synched on every server and here begins the problem the Server cannot execute the plugins because of missing execute rights.

Thats why i have a Request. Can you implement a function that makes the deployment(sync) of custom plugins through the top down config method possible?

I would say, this is not something that is in the scope of icinga. You should deploy your scripts via building tools like ansible, chef, puppet

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This is not supported.

You will run into problems with platform specific plugins, dependencies etc. Yes, it may work in some cases but it’s nothing that you should do.

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No, and even if you manage to make it happen somehow, it won’t be supported. The reasons are stated in this issue and I encourage everyone to use modern automation tools such as Puppet, Ansible, etc. for these tasks. This also is a matter of security, e.g. when the master has been compromised and syncing binaries/scripts to satellites and agents.


Thank you for the answer.

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