Question concerning Fundamentals Seminar solutions


I have questions about the solutions documentation from the Fundamentals seminar. “Lab 6.1: Add your own include path”, so far so good except the part where to grant ownership to the icinga user and group. Doing so gives me an error “invalid user”. Now I have been given the info that, as I use Debian, the user name is nagios and not icinga. But what about the group? Will this remain icinga or do I have to also change that to nagios?

And for my better understanding, why do I have to grant my new config directory (which in my case is named “ukhd-config”) rights for the user icinga/nagios?

As you can see from the screen shot all the directories and files in my Icinga2 directory are assigned to user and group “root” except the pki directory. So would it still be necessary to change the ownership and if so, why?


You don’t need to specify the nagios user and group as owners of the folder(s), as the nagios user/group is already the owner of the parent directory /etc/icinga2.
The permissions rwxr-xr-x grant read access to every user (the x (for execute) is used for accessing the folder to see the contents).
So the nagios user/group is already able to read the config files in a new directory with these permissions.

You only have to include the new diretory into your icinga2.conf file

Thank you. I did that and it works.