Queries with Icinga2 Satellite to Agents connection

Hello Experts,

I am new to Icinga and I tried to have an Icinga2 set up with a master, two satellites, and some agents. Somehow I made agents run under these satellite zones. All the configurations are made with Icingaweb and Icingadirector. My setup is working fine with hosts checks and services checks with notifications also.

I have installed Icinga2 agent only on satellites and none of the agents have icinga2 in it. My host template zone setting looks like this.

My hosts zone settings will look like below.

Here comes my questions…

  1. Whether the above config is correct or do we need to set the “Icinga agents”, “Establish connection” and “Accepts config” as “YES” in hosts config also.
  2. Do we need to install icinga2 in all the agents? Whether agents will use Satellites endpoints for communicating with Master?.
  3. If suppose Icinga2 is not required on Agents, why satellite is trying to reach the agent with port “5665” ? How can I solve this?
    Example Logs:

[2021-11-25 19:52:00 +0000] critical/ApiListener: Cannot connect to host ‘x.x.x.x’ on port ‘5665’: Operation canceled
[2021-11-25 19:52:00 +0000] critical/ApiListener: Timeout while reconnecting to endpoint ‘test-host’ via host ‘x.x.x.x’ and port ‘5665’, cancelling attempt

Please suggest me on this.


To me it looks like you’ve some misunderstanding of distributed monitoring. Icinga (core) is identical on every machine, but acting as master, satellite or agent.

In case you want to execute check plugins locally e.g. load icinga needs to be installed on that machine and be configured as agent. In that case a connection needs to be established between the agent and its parent (means satellite or master). It is your decision whether the agent or the parent initiates this connection. Depending on that decision you need to set Establish connection to Yes or No.

Using by_ssh instead does not require an agent installed, hence, no zone nor endpoint object required for a particular host object.

Thanks Roland for the answer. That clarifies my doubt.