Puppet module check_disk custom / default values

i just started with puppet and as a junior administrator with the bad luck that the one who has to teach me doesn’t know how to work puppet either and even less the icinga module.
I’ve had a problem for several days now that should be very simple.It turns out that I have many hosts with the icinga module check_disk.
but some of them I want to modify the critical value.
I got it in:
<% if (@hostname =~ /^devfsweb/) then -%>
{{ command[check_disk]=sudo /usr/lib/nagios/plugins/check_disk -l -w 25% -c 20%}}
{{ <% end -%>}
The problem is that the default check_disk is not deleted, so there are 2 left in the host file /etc/nagios/nrpe.d/checks.cfg
Extraneously icingaweb only shows me a check and luckily with the last added values (20%) but it is not very elegant to have both in the file.How could I delete the check_disk with the default values?