Pseudo service which is checking other services


I want to create some pseudo service, which will alert if at least one of some other three specified services in Critical and Hard states. And it must recovery only if all three services is OK.

Could you please suggest me direction to resolve this issue?

You can easily do it with the Icinga Business Process Modelling.

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Thanks for your reply. But is this a way to do it within standard configuration files without GUI?

We are deploying my configuration via API or Ansible and it will be more convenient to configure this services like other configuration automatically without GUI.

You can create the config files for BPM also with ansible, vi, nano … If you know how they work you dont need the GUI :slight_smile:

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But you can create also a service with a bit of DSL magic to do it.


An example can be found here. IIRC some others exist on this forum too.