Provide Graph without Auth


we want to share our live graphs from graphite via URL on different websites. In the newest version it is only possible to view the Graphs if you are logged in into icingaweb2.

Is there any Workaround to share the graphs without Authentification? Maybe to disable authentification for all graph urls?

Thanks for any help.

Depends on how you graphs are created. Usually icingaweb2 itself does not create graphs, but a 3-rd party software as graphite/pnp4nagios/grafana creates graphs. There is the source of truth. In Grafana you can just define an api key and a corresponding user having only access to the specific graph - that graph then maybe just accessible using the public api key by the world.

We use Graphite, on the old version of the graphite module it was no Problem to get the Graph via Url. The new Version redirects you to the Login form, if you already logged in, you will get the graph.

I’m sorry i don’t know graphite much as i don’t use it. I know there is a render-API exactly for this purpose - you just need to authenticate there (graphite).

For now we dont want to make the graphite api public. Maybe there is a way to make some chosen url templates accessable without auth.
Thanks anyway for your fast response.

If something was accessible without auth by default, this definitely was a bug. There’s a GitHub issue for that as well, I’d assume that’s coming from you.

Typically each user who needs access to the graphs, also needs access to the host/services provided with the monitoring module. This can be managed with roles, and as such, you can instrument this for creating a user to fetch specific graphs.

The question remains - how should this graphs be used. Is the image being put into public domain, or would you need access to zooming and other data?