Procs and Load Services


I am getting procs and load alerts staring 2 days ago. Can you tell me what would be the average number of Procs that should be running on the server as mine is telling me around 450 or higher, and I am guessing because of this is the reason my load alert is going off as well

Tell us what sort of server it is (operating system, version, anything else
relevant), and what you’re using it for (ie: what service are you running on
it, such as Apache, Exim, Sendmail, MySQL, whatever), and maybe someone with a
similar system can give you an idea of what theirs looks like.

In general though, Id’ say the answer to the question “how many processes
should be running on my server?” is best answered by measuring how many
services are running on your server under standard conditions and regarding
that as “normal”.


Sorry about the lack of info.

I am running on Ubuntu 18.04 with apache web server, mysql, I currently have 15 windows endpoints connected, I am check ping on 22 switches, and ping on 20 other devices,

these are all the checks I am running
59 ping checks
17 disk checks

I also run slack notifications to a google chat.


it’s hard to define proper limits for the number of running processes. I would recommend to increase the thresholds temporarily to something like 600 and 800 for example to make sure that they are higher than the current number of running processes but still trigger notifications if something goes really wrong.

Then use something like influxDB or Graphite to store the metrics and Grafana for example to create graphs. Monitor these graphs for some days and redefine your thresholds to something lower again.

And make sure that all the running processes are really processes you expect to be running. :slight_smile:

It’s more or less the same with the load. Set the load thresholds to a sane value given the number of CPUs and cores. Another consideration for some finetuning might be the load where you know that there will be direct impact to your users.