Process/Service Monitoring on Windows

Hi team,

I would like to monitor the specific processes that consumes more than some percentage of cpu & memory… I am able to do that for linux systems but for windows i have been struggled with pluggins…

I have tried check_procs & check_procs.exe but no luck… check_procs only working for linux & check_procs.exe doesn’t have ability to check cpu usage for processes… Can you please someone advise on this? I am exactly looking to monitor in windows systems


I’m not sure if such a plugin exists, but Google points to check_proc.vbs - another possibility would be to look into NSClient++ and query it with check_nscp_api provided by Icinga itself.

If that still doesn’t work, write a Powershell script/plugin which fetches the performance counters for specific services and their cpu load and compare this against given threshold parameters.

Plugin best practices and the API are explained in the docs.