Problems with snmp modules on Icinga2

Hello I have installed Icinga recently. I am sorry because I am still learning and probably this problem should be easy for others, but Ihave been weeks to solve it.

I have installed Icinga Director, and I am trying to use modules as check_interfaces. I have implemented it , telling the interface and community to monitor. The problem comes when I implement it. The following error appears:
execvpe(/usr/lib64/nagios/pluginscheck_interfaces) failed: No such file or directory

I have tried to modify the file more /etc/icinga2/constants.conf, just changing this:
const PluginDir = “/usr/lib64/nagios/plugins”

const PluginDir = “/usr/lib64/nagios/plugins/”

When I change it and restart icinga the following error appears:

check_interfaces 1.4

Usage: check_interfaces -h [OPTIONS] -c -r -R -e -f -p -P -t -b -s -x -m -j -J -k -K -u -d -a -A -D -N --timeout sets the SNMP timeout (in ms) --sleep sleep between every SNMP query (in ms) --retries how often to retry before giving up --max-repetitions see

Please if could you tell me what I am doing wrong I would really appreciate that.

You need to post yor command/service template/service configuration, as it looks like you are not passing the arguments correctly. Also you do not need to edit the pluginDir const, but add the “/” to your command definition. I am not on icinga at the moment, but "PluginDir + /check_interfaces” schould be the correct path to your command inside the director.

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