Problems with check_nrpe


i have a problem with check_nrpe. When i look at the webinterface all nrpe checks are from status ok, but with the output message "Icinga 2 has been running for x minutes and x seconds. Version: 2.13.2-1.

If i try the same check from the command line as user icinga, the check returns the correct result.

Any Ideas?


This may not be related to your problem but I was using NRPE on a host that does not have Icinga available as an agent. So I setup NRPE on that host and all was working, but I noticed a lot of messages in that hosts logs about “wrong version”. My foreign host had NRPE 3.2.1 and Icinga2 check_nrpe was using NRPE version 4 protocol. It was dropping back to version 3, but would generate this error message every time and filling the logs. I had to add a “”$nrpe_version_3$" flag to the standard ‘object CheckCommand “nrpe”’ command as it does not list that option.

If this is your problem there is a “$nrpe_version_2$” flag you can set and see if that helps.

But I think your problem is elsewhere.

Unfortunately no. At command line and web interface the $nrpe_version$ is set.

Here is the log entry if i execute the check in the website:

information/ApiListener: New client connection from [::ffff:IP-ADDRESS]:52226 (no client certificate)

Any Ideas?

In the nsclient.ini the parameter use ssl = false, insecure = true and verify mode = none are set. On server site i configured the nrpe check with -n.

I found the error. False path to plugin directory. Thanks all.