Problems installing on Rocky 8

I’m trying to stand up a learning system with IcingaDB, mysql, Redis, Influx and Grafana on a fresh, dedicated Rocky 8 VM but running into problems using the icinga-stable-release repo:

First issue: there are no “icingadb” and “icingadb-web” packages listed
Second problem: there are two Icinga Redis packages:

Name : icinga-redis
Version : 5.0.10

Name : icingadb-redis
Version : 6.2.6

So, I’ve got no icingadb service and related things such as the mysql schema to put into the db.

Suggestions? I would really like to avoid Docker at this time as I am not up to speed with it yet.

The CentOS 8 Packages are outdated since RH dropped the support for CentOS 8 in favour of CentOS Stream. You need a repository subscription to get the official enterprise packages or switch to a os for which icinga provides free packages like ubuntu/debian/opensuse/fedora/centos7

Thanks, that’s a shame. The subscriptions are incredibly expensive, I was floored when I got a quote.

If you want to learn and get started with icinga I really recommend to try out ubuntu or fedora, after you get familiar with the icinga ecosystem you will find some bugs can report them, or even fix them. I’m mentioning that, because being part of the developer community has some benefits, including the developer subscription. You can use this to extend your knowledge by installing icinga2 on enterprise operating systems.

As I’m writing this about developers and so on, I reread the icinga developer subscription limitations and this might work for you already:

“The Developer Subscription is an offer for individuals and entities who use Icinga in small environments for development or production use”
Icinga » Developer Subscription

Getting started with rocky also has some withdraws as rocky as well as almalinux will be Application Binary Interface (ABI) compatible but no longer bug-for-bug compatibility:
“However, as of June 2023, Red Hat no longer makes the source code of their enterprise distribution freely available”

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