Problems digest e-mail

my CTO is receiving notification messages through e-mail which could be almost spamming and he asked if it’s possible to enable something like a digest which would be sent every 30 minutes.

I’m thinking about a script which connects to Icinga API, get host and services problems, build an e-mail message and send it to a list of contacts.

Something similar is already developed or should I write it?

I googled but I’ve not found anything.

Thank you very much!

Just for clarification - your CTO wants all notifications to be gathered and sent together every half an hour instead of immediately?

Yes, something like this but not exactly.
He wants an e-mail every half an hour with the current status of critical and warnings.
If nothing is already ready, I am thinking about a Python script which connects to Icinga API, gather info about current warnings and criticals, compose an HTML e-mail and send it.

This could be opensourced in Github.

Do you want we to speak about at the Icinga Camp? :slight_smile:

Our CfP is still open and we always love to hear about different use cases and the reasoning behind them!

As far as I and the colleagues I asked know, there isn’t a module with this functionality out there so far.
We’d love to see you build and open source it though, and if there are any questions along the way I’m sure we can help out :slight_smile:

PS: you might be able to get something like that with tools like pagerduty or the likes if you look into it.
Then again, would love to see this fuctionality as a module for Icinga itself :slight_smile: