Problem with upgrading icingaweb2

Hello guys,
I have recently started upgrading my icingaweb2 from version 2.4.0 to 2.5.3(the destination is the latest version).
**My version of php is 7.3.6
I have followed the docs regarding icingaweb upgrade step by step.
whenever i try to update the mysql db schema the following command works just fine # mysql -u root -p icingaweb2 < /usr/share/doc/icingaweb2/schema/mysql-upgrades/2.5.0.sql
** but the other one(
# mysql -u root -p icinga < /usr/share/doc/icingaweb2/schema/mysql-upgrades/2.5.0.sql
**) yields the following error: Table icinga.icingaweb_group_membership doesn’t exist, therefore i am not able to finish the upgrade process.
thanks in advance,

This is the wrong schema update.

please try again with the following:

That should work for the main icinga2 db



the icinga database is from Icinga 2, the core. Check its version and apply the corresponding updates, if there are any.

Furthermore you’ll likely want to upgrade to a more recent version of Icinga Web 2 where PHP 7.3 is fully supported - 2.6.3.