Problem with serviceset assigned by hostgroups

I see the following strange behaviour in director.

  1. I define a hostgroup by a host variable (when variable is set, the host belongs to the group).
  2. I define a serviceset and assign it to all hosts in the hostgroup.

The assignment of the services in the serviceset to the hosts works, but in director, I don’t see the assigned serviceset, when I look at the definition of the hosts in the hostgroup. So it is not possible to deactivate a service for a host or to overwrite any service properties for services of the set.
When I change the assignment of the serviceset to the same definition I use to assign hosts to the hostgroup (assign the serviceset to all hosts with a host variable set), it works and I see the assigned services in the host definition.

Is this a (known?) bug?

Regards, Matthias