Problem agent install

The components from my Agent on Windows Server 2012R2

I have a problem to install the agent only one Server from my 1000Servers. It looks like that.

If I click on the icinga2-v213.1-x68_64 msi I get this error

I think the old client is not complete uninstalled. This client gives the message at beginning “tha agent is not installed”. But if I try to uninstall the with a old msi, I get the message a new client is installed.

How can I delete the client complete manually. I have delete this folders:
c:\Program Files\ICINGA2
c:\Program Files\icinga-framework-service


If I try to install a old version I get the message an newer Version is installed.

It looks like a problem with the trend-micro. If I deaktivate the trend micro it works. I don’t know what in this trend micro agent differet to the other trend-micro agents.

Need I exceptions in the virus scanner for the icinga agent?

Hello @el-dummy!

Yes, you do.