PowerShell CheckCommands not available after importing json/conf to Director


I followed Director Baskets - Icinga for Windows to achieve using the new PowerShell-monitoring-scripts for Windows hosts in Icinga Director.
But eventhough import was successfull (at least 0 error message) I can not find any new command definitions. When opening the basket itself in the webinterface I can only see the plaintext command in snapshot view. But no command definition that can be used e.g. for apply/defining a service.

What am I missing ?
Do I really need to manually define commands as described here - Manual Integration - Icinga for Windows ?
But then why offering the import functionality ?


(since this a general understanding question/problem I will not provide any version information)

klick on “wiederherstellen”
after that there is another button with the text “wiederherstellen” which you have to press too!

Thanks for the quick reply.
That solved my problem.

Just my 2ct for the Icinga-guys:
Seems like Director documentation is missing several small, but very important, hints. This was not the first time I was stuck in the middle of nowhere because there is a gap in documentation.
Just to quote “Once the file is exported, you can navigate to your Icinga Director Basket menu and import the generated file. Afterwards all specified Check-Commands are available and ready to use”
No comment on “you need to perform a restore on the imported basket afterwards before it is actually ready to use”. This may seem obvious for veterans of the Director - but I was only using config/textfiles over the past years and I am not aware of this implication.