Possible to use CheckCommand custom vars in notification scrips? (eg $checkcommand.vars...$)

I am trying to use a custom variable that lives in our checkcommands. I want to output it into an alert, but the alert script doesn’t see it.

I have tried

Not of these seem to work and the var is not visible when the notification script runs.

Any idea what my syntax issue is?


To be honest, I don’t know if that is possible, but then again you probably shouldn’t do it anyway.
What do you want to do?

yea i looked in the code and couldn’t find anything that looked like it would allow vars from check_commands. My use case is a bit specific as I use a custom automation app to build configs and within that was building a URL to use in a notification. I can move the variable to the Service template and it should work fine.

Thanks for responding and verifying that I am not crazy thinking it should work!